Fast, Accurate & Detailed Reports
From Experienced & Highly Trained Operators

We specialise in minimalising potentially dangerous, costly and disastrous situations when there is a need to penetrate an existing concrete installation.

It is a requirement of most existing buildings to have this procedure performed so that as much precaution as can reasonably be taken has been undertaken.

With the use of our state of the art Hilti PS1000 scanning machine using state of the art ground penetrating radar and with the back up of Hilti’s highly trained and experienced engineers we are able to provide as accurate as possible a detailed report of where it is safest to penetrate the existing concrete installation.

We can identify existing electrical, plumbing, post tensioned and reinforcement steel in existing concrete floors and walls.

Our highly trained operator will attend site and scan the requested area to identify the safest place to penetrate.

We are also able to provide a detailed report of the scan results.